Join us at James' Table. Almost thirty Ostend restaurants are bringing a touch of art to the table. They were inspired by James Ensor and with that cross-pollination, a surprising mix of stories, ingredients and art-historical details blows out of the kitchens.

Everyone knows his masks or self-portraits, but Ensor also drew ‘The Stingray’ or ‘The Oyster Eater’. He experimented with vegetables and flowers in his still life and even designed a menu.

The Ostend hospitality industry gets to work on James Ensor's oeuvre. You will read how they were inspired by the grand master and at the same time discover references to other artists, past and present. A new interpretation of the legendary Ostend tradition ‘With art at the table’.

From artful ceramics to shell-shaped madeleine biscuits, hand-painted oyster shells, skate on straw or a café masqué. Ensor goes over the top.

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Participating restaurants

Amy Mary Specialty Ice Creams - Langestraat 18

Belair - Luchthaven Oostende

Belle de Jour - Madridstraat 9

Bistro Mathilda - Leopold II-laan 1

Brasserie Albert - Koningin Astridlaan 7

Brasserie David - Christinastraat 45

Brassi Grand Café - Albert I-promenade

CultuurCafé De Grote Post - Hendrik Serruyslaan 18A

Gastrobar Sam - Van Iseghemlaan 60

Heerlijk - Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 893

Le Bassin - Visserskaai 1

Lusitania - Visserskaai 32

Mange Tout - Visserskaai 22

Marina - Hendrik Baelskaai 7

Oode - Aartshertoginnestraat 45

Paroles Paroles - Brandariskaai 5

Restaurant Boucquez - Troonstraat 83

Restaurant St-Malo - Albert I-promenade 62A

Roccia - Stenedorpstraat 4

Rocco Eats - Hertstraat 7A

Smowk - Van Iseghemlaan 62

Toi, Moi et la Mer - Albert I-promenade 68

Toope - Groentemarkt 11

Trattoria Ensorito - Dorpsstraat 103

Willem Hiele - Kapittelstraat 71

Zuske - Wittenonnenstraat 36