Venetiaanse Gaanderijen - Koning Boudewijnpromenade , 8400 Oostende
Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday from 2.00 PM to 5.30 PM, closed on Monday.


Standard admission: €12

Reduced admission: €6

UiTPAS admission: €2.4

Explore the unique connection between James Ensor and his birthplace, Ostend, in the surprising exhibition 'Ostend, Ensor's Imaginary Paradise' at the Venetian Galleries. While Ostend evolved into a tourist and cultural destination known as the Queen of the Belgian seaside resorts, Ensor developed his artistic skills and vision there. His work is infused with mysterious and idyllic depictions of the sea, dunes, and polders that surrounded him. Ensor opts for atmosphere and creative freedom over factual accuracy: notably, he paints many views in and around Ostend in reverse or mirrored images.

Not only is his art, but also his life, intertwined with the city of Ostend. He assumes an active role in the local artistic circles, including the Cercle Artistique and the Compagnie du Rat Mort. When his 'imaginary paradise' is threatened, the activist within Ensor awakens. He stands up for the beauty of his city and attempts to prevent the demolition of iconic landmarks.

Curator: Herwig Todts

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