Ensorpralines door Olivier Willems

Ensor enjoyed small treats. In honour of the artist, Olivier Willems created three pralines, each in the shape of an Ensor mask and infused with flavours that pay tribute to Ensor and the sea. The offering includes a praline with a sandy hazelnut praline with coarse sea salt that references Ensor’s shell shop. In addition, one can feast on a praline with tea or coffee caramel that refers to Ensor’s English roots. Finally, the collection includes a praline with a smokey ganache (a filling based on a smoky chocolate flavour) that refers to the mist over the sea and his home base Ostend.

Olivier Willems

Alfons Pieterslaan 120 & Vuurtorendok-Zuid 5


Breakfast basket from Bakkerij Decock

The classic breakfast basket from Bakery Decock is getting a makeover in celebration of the Ensor Year. Expect croissants inspired by the colour palette of the Belgian master Ensor, for example. But that’s not all, the wooden breakfast crates, expertly crafted by Duinhelm, are turning
into genuine collector’s items. A collective of artists, schools, and Duinhelm is giving each crate a unique look, a name, and a number. Kitchen art meets collective art. The customary deposit is replaced, and the funds are invested in art projects.

Bakkerij Decock

Langestraat 60


'Il Preferito del pittore'

Ensorito is close to James Ensor’s final resting place, so naturally they are stepping into the Ensor year. They asked Ostend artist Mieke Drossaert to create a work inspired by Ensor to incorporate into a plate. It was called ‘Il preterito del pittore’, after the work ‘The Baths of Ostend’. The main course of our ‘The Ensor Menu’ is served on this plate each time. The menu is seasonal and consists of four courses. One of these courses always includes a dish with fresh Ostend prawns. Enthusiasts receive the porcelain plate with Mieke’s work, including the Ensor label, to take home.

Trattoria Ensorito

Restaurant Ensorito - Dorpsstraat 103

Te koop in de museashop van Mu.ZEE - Romestraat 11